The Potala Palace under the blue sky is more charming.

Why travel to Tibet


Many people say that Tibet is a place you must visit once in your life. Speaking of Tibet, almost everyone seems to be fascinated. But when you ask “why must you travel to Tibet“, most people have no answer. Do you visit Tibet to enjoy the scenery, culture or freedom? Maybe you just want to escape …

Manasarovar Lake is a freshwater lake in the Tibet.

Tibet Attractions


People who live in cities and metropolises have a sense of incompleteness in their hearts. One day, they felt what they had lost and rediscovered themselves after a trip to Tibet. Maybe you want to find yourself just like everyone else, or maybe you just want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of …

Tourists can have a tour in Mount Kailash by traveling to Tibet.

Travel to Tibet from Beijing


Beijing, as the capital of China, combines modernity and tradition with profound culture,rich tourism resources, magnificent scenery, convenient transportation and delicious food. Beijing is an all-embracing ancient city with 3,000-year history, gathering Chinese traditional culture and historical sites since Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. People from all over the world with different religion, culture and …

Shanghai Pudong District is highly developed.

Travel to Tibet from Shanghai


Shanghai, as one of the most popular gateway city to Tibet, is a metropolis with mixed Eastern and Western Culture. Most tourists choose Shanghai as the first stop of their China Tibet tour, for there are frequent international flights from other countries to Shanghai. What’s more, there many famous landmarks in Shanghai for tourists to …

Traveling to Tibet from Nepal


Nepal and Tibet share both the Himalayas and the Buddhism. For travelers who want to travel among the Himalaya giants and explore different culture and nature, traveling to Tibet from Nepal is the best choice. It’s easy to get to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, from international counties. Kathmandu is connected with major cities in …

A groupd of staff of Tibet Travel Agency - Great Tibet Tour

Tibet Travel Agency


If you want to explore Tibet as an international traveler, the most important thing is to contact a Tibet travel agency. You’re suggested to choose a Tibetan local travel agency for a better service and lower cost. Located in Lhasa, Great Tibet Tour is a professional travel agency with 13 years’ experience. We run various …