Eight Classic Ways to Enter Tibet

The south Sichuan-Tibet line is one of the most beautiful routes into Tibet.

Tibet is a tourist destination with many famous Tibetan Attractions. Some people travel to Tibet to explore the mysterious land of Tibet. Some people travel to Tibet to worship, look at the place closest to the sky in China and the most faithful way of pilgrimage. Other people travel to Tibet to risk and conquer. There are eight classic to get into Tibet.
1. The south line of Sichuan and Tibet–the most beautiful entering Tibet road.

The south Sichuan-Tibet line (318 National Highway) is one of the most beautiful routes into Tibet. Every year, hundreds of travelers get to Tibet via the Sichuan-Tibet line. Although the journey is arduous and dangerous, it has too much scenery and beauty, too many accidents and surprises, too many stories and adventures, and too many feelings and shocks.

Route Length: More than 2000 kilometers

Best Time: May, June, September, October

  1. The north line of Sichuan and Tibet–the lonely road of going deep into Tibetan culture.

The northern line of Sichuan-Tibet is very religious and is a good way to experience the Tibetan culture. The whole journey takes 317 national highway, during the intersection of 213, 214, 109 national highway. Compared with the southern route, the northern route passes through mostly pastoral areas (such as the Nagqu area), which is higher in elevation, more sparsely populated, and more primitive and magnificent. Along the way, there are Plateaus, lakes, snow mountains, hot springs, temples. The route is rarely visited by tourists and is considered a perfect route by explorers.

Route Length: 2412 kilometers

Best Time: May, June, September, October

  1. The Qinghai-Tibet line–the Suez Canal on the roof of the world.

Entering Tibet via Qinghai-Tibet line, there are two means, road and railway. Starting from Xining, you can experience the desolation of no man’s land and the vicissitudes of nature, then enter the holy Tibet. The scenery is beautiful all the way.

Route Length: 1956 kilometers

Best Time: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

  1. The Yunnan Tibet line–the way to paradise.

The Yunnan-Tibet line is the main passage from Yunnan to Tibet. The ancient cities of the tea-horse ancient road (such as Lijiang and Dali) and the lost horse-riding culture are merged in this Yunnan-Tibet line. It passes through the famous peaks of the Himalayas, lakes, lamaseries and churches, canyons, hot springs, and various seas of flowers and forests.

Route Length: 1930 kilometers

Best Time: May to October (try to avoid July and August)

  1. The Xinjiang-Tibet line–a road for adventurers to conquer.

The Xinjiang-Tibet line is the highest of several highways into Tibet. The road condition is good, along the line is mostly empty no man’s land. This line is a challenge to the normal endurance of the human body and the limits of perseverance. Compared with other routes, it has no beautiful scenery, no charming customs, and no flat road, but it has the beautiful scenery of sacred mountains and lakes, and the mystery of Guge Kingdom Ruins.

Route Length: 1455 kilometers

Best Time: July and August

  1. China-Nepal Highway–the only international road.

The China-Nepal Highway is the only international direct highway in Tibet. It starts from Lhasa and passes through Shigatse, Dingri, Nyalam, Friendship Bridge, and Kathmandu-the capital of Nepal.

Route Length: 943 kilometers

Best Time: October to March

  1. Tangbo Passageway–the road of Princess Wencheng into Tibet.

The Tangbo Passageway is the road that Princess Wencheng of Tang got to Tibet when she married Songtsan Gambo, King of Tubo in more than 1300 years ago. It starts from Xian(Chang ‘an), Shaanxi province, and goes through Gansu, Qinghai, and Lhasa. The entire ancient road traversed western China and spanned the world-renowned roof of the world, also known as the South Silk Road.

Route Length: more than 3000 kilometers

Best Time: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

  1. Bingchacha Road–a road through heaven and hell.

The starting point of Bingcha Highway is Nujiang River, Yunnan province, and the ending point is Chawarong township, Chayu County, Tibet province. All the way is full of natural beauty.

Route Length: more than 1200 kilometers

Best Time: May and June


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