Tibet Attractions

Manasarovar Lake is a freshwater lake in the Tibet.

People who live in cities and metropolises have a sense of incompleteness in their hearts. One day, they felt what they had lost and rediscovered themselves after a trip to Tibet.

Maybe you want to find yourself just like everyone else, or maybe you just want to get rid of the hustle and bustle of your busy life and release the stress associated with work. In any case, Tibet is a place that can enrich your spiritual world.

In Tibet, you can walk on snow mountains, touch pure lakes, feel the colorful Tibetan culture and so on. There are many attractions in Tibet.


It has been said that apart from heaven, only the mountains of Tibet are fascinating. The mountains of Tibet have absorbed the beauty and power of all ages. The Tibetan plateau is full of mountains. Tibet has four world-class mountain ranges – the Himalayas, the Gundi, the Kunlun and the Karakoram. The four mountains have built 79 major peaks, each more than 6000 meters high. Tibetan generally build monasteries on the mountain and live at the foot of the mountain. They think the mountains are sacred places where the Gods live, so they can be protected by the Gods.

Mount Everest in Tibet lying on the border between Nepal and China is the highest in the world. It is the most famous and popular mountain in Tibet. Mount Kailash Nnamjagbarwa Peak in Nyingchi is considered the most sacred and beautiful snow mountain in China.


The best lake landscape in China is in Tibet. The famous lakes of more than 150 lakes in Tibet include Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, and Manasarovar Lake. These three lakes are called “Three Holiest Lakes in Tibet”. Most of the lakes in Tibet are over 4000 meters high on the plateau. The total area of lakes is 24,000 square kilometers, accounting for about one-third of all lakes in China. Tibetan lakes are usually very clean and quiet, as they get their water from the melted snow water on the mountains. The touch of blue sky on the lake, the pure snow mountains around the lake and the animals on the shore make the lake in Tibet very beautiful. The water in the Tibet lakes comes from the snow mountains melting, so it is very clean and pure. Surrounded by snow mountains, the lakes are blue in the sky. The animals on the shore make the lakes in Tibet more beautiful.

Tibetan Religious culture

Tibet, in the eyes of the world, is full of a mysterious plateau, its charm not only from its geographical location but also because of its mysterious religious culture. On the pilgrimage, the Buddhist monk who sings the Buddha and recites the scriptures, and the old man who turns the scripture and passes by. It all seems to epitomize Tibetan religious culture. Bon is a primitive native religion to Tibet. Before the introduction of Buddhism, it was the spirit of every tribe in Tibet. In the vicissitude of time, Buddhism has absorbed many rituals of Bon, successfully realized localization, and finally became the mainstream religion in the Tibetan plateau. Now many Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, initially also Bon temples. In the long history, this mysterious religious culture has always fascinated us and lets us worship.

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