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If you want to explore Tibet as an international traveler, the most important thing is to contact a Tibet travel agency. You’re suggested to choose a Tibetan local travel agency for a better service and lower cost.

Located in Lhasa, Great Tibet Tour is a professional travel agency with 13 years’ experience. We run various tour packages in Tibet successfully and helped thousands of travelers realize their Tibet dream during past years. We are reputable, trusty and helpful.

If you are looking for travel agencies which offer Tibetan travel guide, we are your best choice. Our hand-picked travel guides and drives are all Tibetan born and bred with much experience. English-speaking guides and seasoned drivers are familiar with their hometown, we guarantee you that no place on this land is secret to them. They are friendly and hospitable, always ready to help and show you the marvelous beauty of Tibet.

As a professional travel agency, our vehicles are comfortable and safe, equipped with bottled oxygen and medkits. Your tour with us is absolutely safe, there’s no need to worry about your health.

After a remarkable day, all you need is a sweet sleep. We offer 3-star or 4-star hotels with hot water and breakfast, you can choose one which meets your budget and enjoy a sweet dream in it. As a responsible and reliable travel agency, we guarantee you the Tibet Travel Permit and the departure once you book a tour. If you didn’t enjoy the same service as what we promised, you can have your money back.

We serve our guests from all around the world wholeheartedly. To meet different requirements, our local travel experts designed various tour packages with different themes and itineraries. Plan to travel by plane or by train? Want to visit the Potala Palace, the Mount Everest or the Mount Kailash? Just contact our travel consultants, you will find the most suitable tour package with their help.

If you want to explore Tibet with a small budget in a fixed itinerary, our Tibet group tours are your best choices. Interested in unique themes, or want to trek and cycle on this holy land? We offer various private tours to meet your requirements. What’s more, you can customize your own itinerary with our help, visit whichever scenic site you interested in, and have an adventure on this plateau to your hearts’ content.

To offer an unforgettable experience in Lhasa, we prepared tailor-made Lhasa tour packages. During 3 or 4 days in this ancient city, the tour will take you to the gorgeous Potala Palace, the holiest Jokhang Temple, and the busy Barkhor Street. In the suburb, Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, and Dark Yerpa will be highlights in your Tibet tour.

To explore remote areas, Everest Base Camp tour and Mount Kailash tour can take you to the west of Tibet to visit toweling mountains. The Himalaya giants will shock you while the marvelous scenery will impress you.

Choosing the best travel agency is important. We guarantee you a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience in Tibet with our passion and profession. Don’t hesitate, realize your Tibet dream in 2018.

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