Top 5 Tips for Traveling to Tibet

The Potala Palace in Tibet attracts plenty of tourists to travel here.

1. What to Pack for your Tibet Tour

Clothes: Because of the big temperature difference in day and night even in the hot summer and the strong sunshine, you need to prepare some cold-proof clothes, like long sleeves and trousers, sweater, jacket, etc. If you wanna travel to Tibet in cold winter, you’d better take some warm clothes such as warm gloves, scarf, cap, anorak and so on.

Shoes: In your Tibet tour, climbing mountains and monasteries is inevitable, so bring comfortable shoes which are good for walking.

Some objects protecting from sunburn: The weather in Tibet is dry, and the sunshine is strong, therefore, you’d better take sunglasses, sunhat, suntan lotion, high SPF suncream, and a lipstick with a sunscreen to protect your lip and skin. In addition, try not to wear short sleeves and skirts to walk under the sun.

Daily supplies: According to your schedule and your location in Tibet, sleep bags, towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers are necessary if you are trekking in or visiting a place which is a little remote.

Medicine: For the high altitude in Tibet, you can take the medicine before your arrival in acute elevation area to alleviate the sickness.

2. Tibet Travel Permit

You need to prepare all the documents you need for your Tibet travel before you set off on the trip. Tibet is a province of China, so if you want to travel to Tibet, you would get your China Visa at first. China Visa can easily get from most Chinese embassies, while you’d better not mention anything about Tibet on you visa application, for the China embassy may ask you for Tibet Travel permit which you can get with the help of local travel agencies.

Tibet Travel Permit, a necessary Tibet-entry document that foreign tourists or non-Chinese passport holders must have for their Tibet travel, will be checked at the train station or the airport when you step into in Tibet. No individual travelers are allowed to travel to Tibet at present, and the only way to enter Tibet for foreigners is to travel in groups. Therefore, you’d better choose a local Tibet travel agency which will help you with the application of the permit, and you should send the copies of your passport and China Visa to the agency.

3. How to Travel to Tibet

There are multiple ways for you to travel to Tibet, and you can get there by air, train, road and motorcycling. Among them, taking a flight is the most convenient and time-saving way, but if you want to enjoy the view on the way, you can choose other means of transportation.

4. The Must-see List

The Potala Palace: As the landmark of Lhasa city with the spectacular physical structure, the Potala Palace is highest ancient palace and plays an important role in the Tibet history.

Jokhang Temple: Located in the center of old Lhasa city, Jokhang Temple is the irreplaceable representative of Tibetan religion, furthermore, it is also the holiest destination for all Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims.

Drepung Monastery: As the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery, Drepung Monastery attracts many people to see the Thangka Unveiling at the Shoton Festival.

Mt. Everest: As the highest mountain in the world at elevation of 8,844 meters, Mt. Everest attracts lots of tourists to have a hike there.

5. Best Time to Visit Tibet

In general, you can travel to Tibet at any time of the year, and the golden season for traveling is from May to October when the weather is comfortable and oxygen content higher. Accordingly, the best time to visit Tibet depends on what you want do and see there, meanwhile, many tourists would consider about traveling in low season(December-February) or high season(April – October).

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