Top 6 Mysterious Tibetan Attractions

Lhamo Latso is a magic holy lake in Tibet.

Some people said that traveling to Tibet is a lifelong dream. Why is Tibet so attractive? I think it’s because of its mystery. Tibet is like a book that can never be finished, full of mysterious flavor, until the last page, you can listen to the deepest story. Because of its special culture and environment, There are many mysterious attractions in Tibet. If you visit Tibet, you can experience a mystery of Tibet by visiting the mysterious Tibetan attractions. This article will take you to 6 of the most mysterious attractions in Tibet to experience the sacred Tibet.

Lhamo Latso

Lhamo Latso is a magic holy lake in Tibet. It is said that people who worship the lake can see the preexistence and the afterlife of god’s metaphor from the unreal images of the lake. Therefore, Tibetan people call this lake “sacred lake”. Altitude 4000 meters above sea level, located in county seat northeast, it is apart from county seat about 65 kilometers. Despite its remote location and small size, few people know her well, but she has a special place in Tibetan Buddhism.

In the search for the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama, the eminent monks also go to the lake for instructions. Through the view of the holy lake, the eminent monks know the location, residence and surrounding characteristics of the reincarnated child. Then carefully delineate the pattern, the search party began a long search with the pattern.

Mount Kailash

At 6,656 meters above sea level, Mount Kailash stands on the plateau of Pulan, Ali region.

Mount Kailash is recognized as a sacred mountain in the world and is recognized as the center of the world by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Bon religion, and ancient Jainism. People’s worship of Mount Kailash dates back to around 1000 BC. Because of its sacred status in the religious sense, it is still a virgin peak and so far no one has climbed the peak of Mount Kailash.

Mount Everest

Mount Everest, the main peak of the Himalayas, is located in the eastern part of the China-Nepal border, with its north slope in Dingri county, Tibet, China. Seen from a distance, the mountain is steep and high, with a stunning pyramid-shaped peak covered with snow and ice all year round.

As we all know, Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. And Mount Everest has high status in the mind of Tibetan people, even in the mind of the world people.

Mount Namjagbarwa

Namjagbarwa is a holy land in Tibet of Bonismo, the most ancient Buddhist, known as the “father of all the mountains in Tibet”. Its huge triangular peak is covered with snow all the year round and shrouded in clouds and mist, never revealing its true features easily. Therefore, it is also called “female peak of shy”.

Potala Palace

The Potala Palace was originally built by Songtsan Gampo of the Tubo Dynasty to marry Princess Chizun and Princess Wencheng. It is the largest and most complete ancient palace and fortress complex in Tibet. It is also the world’s highest elevation palace, a collection of palaces, castles and temples in a magnificent building.

Guge Kingdom

The Guge Kingdom is known as the closest lost kingdom to the sky. The towering ruin of the Guge Kingdom is located in Zada county, Ali region. It was a Buddhist religious center and an important trade hub between Tibet and Central Asia.

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