Travel to Tibet from Beijing

Tourists can have a tour in Mount Kailash by traveling to Tibet.

Beijing, as the capital of China, combines modernity and tradition with profound culture,rich tourism resources, magnificent scenery, convenient transportation and delicious food. Beijing is an all-embracing ancient city with 3,000-year history, gathering Chinese traditional culture and historical sites since Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. People from all over the world with different religion, culture and language come and have a visit in this city to feel how Beijing was in the past and is at present.

After having a trip in Beijing, tourists can taking a flight or train to Tibet which is the most holy and mysterious place in the world. Known as “the roof of the world”, numerous tourists come to Tibet to experience Tibetan culture and explore Tibetan attractions each year. Traveling from Beijing to Tibet is a popular route, as tourists can enjoy two contrast cities.

Flying to Lhasa from Beijing is suitable for those who have tight schedules. Currently, there are 3 direct flights you can take from Beijing to Lhasa every day, operated by Tibet Airlines and Air China. Two of them are non-stop, costing you around 4 and half hours. While, there is a flights having stopover in Chengdu, taking about 6 hours and 40 minutes. When you arrive in Tibet, you ought to take a good rest, for the altitude in Lhasa is so high that you can’t adapt to it in a short time and flying to Tibet takes much more time to get acclimatized to the altitude than taking the train.

Beijing to Lhasa Flight Schedule

Flight No. Departure—Arrival Duration Plane

Tibet Airlines

14:50—19:15 4h 25m


Airbus A330

Air China

07:35—12:05 4h 30m


Airbus A319

Air China

08:15—14:55 6h 40m

Stopover in Chengdu

Airbus A319

Traveling to Tibet from Beijing by train takes you much more time, though, it has some advantages that you can’t experience by flights. One is the beauty along the Qinghai-Tibet Railway makes the train tour distinctive in some aspects. In the train, you will come across 8 provinces to view massive desert, vast prairie, shivering rivers and majestic mountains. As for the train schedule, there’s only one daily train from Beijing to Lhasa departs from 20:00 to 12:40 on the third day, that is No.Z21 sky train.

Another is that you can adapt to the high altitude gradually with the increasing altitude. Moreover, there are two kinds of oxygen supply systems in the train which can reduce your altitude sickness.

Most importantly, you should apply for Tibet permits which are needed when you travel to Tibet. The first one is the China Visa which should be obtained at Chinese embassy in your country with your passport. Next is the Tibet Travel Permit that is the compulsory document required when you enter Tibet, check in hotel and visit attractions. You can apply for it with copies of your passport and China visa with the help of a local travel agency. If you want to visit some further areas, Alien’s Travel Permit is required, and you can apply for it after arriving in Tibet with your passport.

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