Travel to Tibet from Mainland China

Potala Palace is the landmark of Tibet.

Tibet, known as the roof of the world, attracts a great deal of overseas tourists to travel to this holy land each year. So far, there are only two ways to enter Tibet from Nepal or mainland China. According to the entry record, most tourists choose to have a Tibet tour from mainland China rather than Nepal.

Traveling to Tibet via mainland China is a great and popular idea as there are multiple and frequent flights and trains to Tibet every day from some major cities, like Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an. What’s more, you can also choose to have an overland tour from some best-known highways. Here are some popular gateway cities to Tibet.

  1. Travel to Tibet from Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China with convenient transportation, plenty of attractions, and profound culture and history. There are great number of international tourists take Beijing as their first stop of the China Tibet tour. What’s more, before your trip to Tibet, you can spend 2-3 three days on Beijing sightseeing. Generally, you have two ways to Tibet from Beijing, by air or train. Recently, there are about 3 flights connecting Beijing and Lhasa each day, operated by Tibet Airlines and Air China and taking about four and a half hours. While, it takes about 40 hours and 20 minutes via the daily train from Beijing.

  1. Travel to Tibet from Chengdu

Chengdu is the most popular and closest gateway city to Tibet for its frequent and short-time flights and diverse attractions. Before taking a train or fight to Tibet, you can stay in Chengdu to eat authentic Sichuan food, appreciate the Sichuan Opera, explore the world heritages and view giant pandas. Generally, there are 14 direct flights taking off from Chengdu in peak tourism season every day, taking about two and a half hours. These flights are mainly operated by Tibet Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Air China. While, the train from Chengdu to Lhasa departs every other day and takes 36h and 28m.

  1. Travel to Tibet from Shanghai

Shanghai is located in the eastern coast of China with highly developed economy. In this vibrant metropolis, you will have the chance to experience the mixed traditional and modern culture, and other famous scenic spots. Shanghai is a popular place with convenient transportation, so you can go to Lhasa by air or train. There are 2 direct flights from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to Lhasa Gongga International Airport each day, taking about 8 hours at most. And the daily “sky train” riding from Shanghai to Lhasa would costs 46 hours.

  1. Travel to Tibet from Xi’an

Xi’an is a great city for tourists to travel before the Tibet tour for the rich culture and profound history. It was called as “Changan” which is the capital of ancient China and had solid connection with Tibet at that time. Currently, there are 9 direct flights from Xi’an to Lhasa each day, taking 3 or 4 hours. The train is not that far as most cities, and there are two trains run every day, crossing 3 provinces and taking 31 hours.

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