Travel to Tibet in Winter

Winter is regarded as the best time to travel to Tibet.

As we know, most people think it is better to travel to Tibet in summer. Is it totally right? In my view, it is just right in some ways. Let me tell you why I say that. If you go to Tibet in summer, you may see Lhasa flooded with tourists at Potala Palace and other monasteries. Yes, it’s true, Tibet is a great place to avoid summer heat. But, you will spend more money on guide fee, train, flight ticket, and accommodation. Therefore, more and more people prefer to tour in Tibet in the offseason. So, traveling Tibet in winter becomes a good choice.

Why is it better to travel to Tibet in winter?

The first and most important reason is a fewer tourists. There are thousands of tourists from all over the world traveling to Tibet in summer. So, when you arrive at the attraction, you will spend much time to check in the ticket. And, you couldn’t get a good view of the site as lots of tourists enjoy the site at the same time. So, you may not have a good mood to enjoy the scenery. But, if you travel Tibet in winter, the situation is quite different. You don’t have to waste time in the queue of waiting to check in. And, you have more time and good view to appreciate the scenery.

The second reason is that it is easy for you to purchase the train ticket. It is known to us the trains in China usually start to sell about 30 days in advance, and trains related to Tibet are always in high demands and sold out very fast especially in peak season.  It is very hard to purchase the tickets. It’s almost impossible for both you and travel agency to get tickets on the internet. So the travel agency have to get the ticket from ticket scalper by paying them very high handing fee (they will charge this fee from clients. Usually USD 30~ 154 extra charges depends on season and different cities.) to guarantee the ticket for you. As for tourists who want to take a train to Tibet, traveling to Tibet in winter can help them to purchase the train ticket with the original price.

Finally, traveling to Tibet in winter is cheaper than any other seasons. It is only half of the cost in the peak season. In winter, most of the travel agency will give a discount for the price of small group and private tour. Usually, they will give 15% off if travelers start their tour in winter. In winter, you may have the chance to book the comfortable 4-star hotel just cost as the economy 3-star hotel. But, in the peak season, the situation is in reverse.

To put it bluntly, for the majority of tourists whether travel to Tibet in winter or summer depends on their schedule. Tibet has its beauty both in summer and winter. So, if you just have time to tour in Tibet in summer, it’s ok and this choice belongs to most people.  However, it’s also a great choice to visit Tibet in winter.

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