Traveling to Tibet as An American

Travel from America to Tibet is easy since there are many cities in China which you can land in first and transmit to Tibet afterward. Major inland cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, they are all connected with America. Another choice is to enter Tibet from Nepal, you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and Buddhist sites in Kathmandu before departing for Tibet by non-stop flight. What’s more, you have another option that travels to Lhasa along the Friendship Highway overland.

Like other international visitors, American travelers must have a Chinese Visa and a Tibet Travel Permit to enter Tibet. You should apply for a Chinese Visa through the Chinese Embassy in the U.S at first, and send the scanned photos of your passport and Chinese Visa to apply for your Tibet Travel Permit. What’s more, travelers must join a tour group and must be accompanied by a qualified guide during the journey in Tibet. You can absolutely trust us because Great Tibet Tour is a professional travel agency with 13 years’ experience in running Tibet tour. Since we are located in Lhasa, we can guarantee you the needful permits and prepare the best guide for you.

To access Tibet from Nepal, another permit is needed, the Group Chinese Visa. It’s issued by the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu and valid up to 30 days. Once you book a tour from Great Tibet Tour, we will check your schedule and arrange it for you.

To help U.S. travelers realize their Tibet tour dream, our travel experts prepared various itineraries to meet different travelers’ needs. Our hand-picked guides and seasoned drivers are Tibetans born and bred, nobody knows this holy land better than them, and nobody can offer you an immersive experience of Tibetan culture except them. In our abundant itineraries, you can visit the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, YamdrokTso, Ganden monastery, Sera monastery, the Mt. Everest, the Mt. Kailash, etc. Our consultants will help you choose the most suitable itinerary which fits your schedule and your interests at the same time.

As we all know, Tibet has a unique and mysterious culture, there’re some tips for you on your once-in-a-lifetime journey in Tibet.

Presenting Hada means respect and hospitality in Tibet, when you receive a Hada, please accept it with both hands. To show your respect, add a “La” after one’s name, such as Tashi La. When you are visiting a monastery, always walk clockwise around the religious objects. Offering some money to monasteries is a proper etiquette, but it’s not compulsory. Never smoke, drink alcohol or make noise in a monastery and respect religious texts, objects and prayer flags. Before taking photos, ask for permission is indispensable. What’s more, don’t wear shorts, step on thresholds and placing trash in the fire.

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