Traveling to Tibet with Visa

Tibet Visa is also Tibet Travel Permit.

To explore Tibet, travelers all around the world must have some visas and permits to enter this mysterious land. Since rules are confusing, I’ll introduce visas and permits needed to enter Tibet that you can prepare them for your tour.

Chinese Visa

As an autonomous region in China, Tibet is under the jurisdiction of China and you need a Chinese Visa for other permits. You can apply for a Chinese Visa at the Chinese Embassy in your country, the cost depends on your nationality. You can also apply for the visa in Hong Kong. With next-day service, it’s convenient to apply for your visa in Hong Kong. Single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry visas are all available, a single-entry visa costs 350HKD for four-day service while 650HKD for next-day service.

Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit, also known as Tibet Entry Permit, TTB Permit or Tibet Visa, is the most import permit for international travelers to enter Tibet. According to National Tourism Administration, Taiwan and overseas Chinese tourists also need this permit to get to Tibet. It’s issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, and you must show this permit to board planes and trains towards Tibet. If you plane to enter Tibet from Nepal by overland driving, you also need to have a Tibet Travel Permit. However, according to the rules, travelers can’t apply for this permit by themselves, and international tourists must book tour service from a travel agency. What’s more, foreign diplomats, journalists, and government officers can’t travel to Tibet till now. As a local travel agency in Tibet, we can arrange it for you and offer you a perfect journey.

Hong Kong and Macau Residents

If you are a traveler from Hong Kong or Macau, it’s more convenient to get to Tibet for you. Luckily, Hong Kong and Macau citizens don’t need to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit. But you must take your HK/Macau SAR Passport and Home Return Permit during your Tibet tour.

Enter Tibet from Kathmandu

To enter Tibet from Nepal, you need a Tibet Group Visa. It won’t be issued to individual travelers, you should book a tour from a travel agency and we will deal with it. The Tibet Group Visa is issued by Nepal’s Chinese Embassy on a piece of paper, listing with name, sex, date of birth, occupation, nationality, passport number, entry and exit date of China. Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu accepts applications only on workdays, and it usually takes 3 workdays to get it. This visa is valid for 30 days and only covers booked itinerary in Tibet and mainland China, it’s unlikely to extend it.

Since foreign travelers must be organized in a group and have their Tibet tour with a qualified travel guide, it’s convenient to book a tour from us. We are located in Lhasa with a 13-year experience in running tour in Tibet, our professional travel guides and seasoned drivers are all Tibetans born and bred. We guarantee you Tibet Travel Permit, plane or train tickets, and the best itineraries. Our tour packages are designed by local travel expert, you can choose the most suitable one for our travel consultants. Contact us, and realize your Tibet dream now.

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