Ganden Thangka festival at Ganden Monastery

You wonder why millions of tourists visit Tibet every year for TOUR, Buddha religious activities, and adventures? Tibet has laid significant religious experience in the heart of tourists coming to Tibet region – the roof of the world at the Ganden Monastery.

There are several sites to visit, religious places, monasteries, temples, beautifully colored Thangka, amazing pictures that you never believe exist in the world, and world-class recon mountains like Mount Everest, and the likes.

However, your search and adventure in Tibet are yet incomplete without a glimpse of the garden thangka festival and the Ganden Monastery experience.

So, sit back and let’s share you some of the Ganden Thangka festival experience at the Ganden Monastery right from the comfort of your home.

But the bottom line is this; nothing is comparable to your physical presence in Tibet especially the Ganden Thangka festival even though this article is a glimpse of what you can expect, yet, the experience is really beyond what you could imagine.

However, the Ganden Thangka festival holding at the Ganden monastery in Dagze County, Lhasa is a notable festival holding during the summer period, which is usually the festival for the Tibetan Buddhist.

As a remarkable festival in Tibet, the Ganden Thangka festival holding at the Ganden Monastery is rated among the top 3 university monasteries for the Tibetan Buddhist, Je Tsongkhapa established the monastery where the Ganden Thangka festival is held in the year 1409.



However, as the seat of the Gelug school, planning your next visit to the Ganden Monastery in Tibet worth the price. However, Ganden Lug is the complete name of the order which is usually referred to as the Ganden tradition

It’s recalled that during the death of the great Tsongkhapa in 1419, Tsongkhapa handed his rope together with the staff to the throne holder called the Ganden Tripa of the Ganden Monastery.

Besides, the same tradition has been practiced in the Ganden Monastery from one Tripa to another. This is their traditional way of passing their position within the Ganden Monastery.

Also, after the death of the founder of Gelug school Je Tsongkhapa, the body of Tsongkhapa was interred and preserved in a tomb, where the grave was covered beautifully with all kinds of silvers and gold.

However, since this time, this place is now being used as a shrine within the monastery and regarded as one of the sacred areas used by Tibetan Buddhism.





When we talk about the Ganden Thangka festival in Tibet, we mean the amazing festival in Tibet attracting millions of tourists from every geographical location in the world.

In accordance to the Gregorian Calendar in Tibet, the Ganden Thangka festival holds in August or on the 15th day of the 6th lunar month, but this year festival was different as it was held on July 27, 2018.

However, this Thangka festival is a breathtaking experience unlike any other organized festival in Tibet with its one in a million Kyichu valley and the route of kora situated around amphitheater in the Ganden Monastery.

While the festival is going on, the monastery displays a large Thangka painting on the monastery wall where millions of tourists come to take pictures, see the colorful Thangka painting, and pray.

The Thangka painting is a religious painting used in Tibet during the Ganden Thangka festival where the monks make use natural colors and dyes to create a beautifully painted religious figure either Buddha or one of the popular deities in Tibet.

This beautifully painted figure is then hung on the wall of the Monastery where tourists pray at. The Thangka painting is an ancient religious painting, but very few monks now can produce a perfect Thangka painting needed for Ganden Thangka festival.

As a Thangka religious figure, most tourists arrive at the Ganden Monastery early enough to be able to view the thangka painting, and also be among the lucky few ones that will possibly touch the religious figure, while others will walk from a long distance to be a part of the monastery festival.

During the festival, most tourist will be on their best Tibetan native dress as this is one of the Buddhist belief when celebrating the Ganden Thangka festival in Tibet.

During the festival, 25 holiest relics of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism start the festival with their traditional performance.

These 25 holiest relics of the Gelug School of Tibetan Buddhism have been into existence several years ago, and are only brought out during this festival.

On this special occasion, as people are entering for the festival, they first perform their kora before entering the monastery to see the traditional figure of the Buddha, pray with it, and receive blessing from the lamas.

These tourists move from one temple to another, performing the necessary traditional rights with the yak butter and receive blessings from the Monastery monks.

The traditional dressing is not only meant for the Tibetans, even their horses, donkeys, and yaks also get dressed in their beautiful traditional dress when coming for the festival.

And after performing the traditional rights and prayers at the temples, they all move out and await the beautiful thangka giant to be unveiled.


The Ganden Thangka experience is a must-see for anyone who wishes to have the most amazing tour experience in Tibet.

These are some of the specific reasons why many tourists find their ways to Tibet on every Ganden Thangka festival celebration.

So, make it a date to attend this upcoming Ganden Thangka festival in the next summer as it worth every penny.

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