Why travel to Tibet

The Potala Palace under the blue sky is more charming.

Many people say that Tibet is a place you must visit once in your life. Speaking of Tibet, almost everyone seems to be fascinated. But when you ask “why must you travel to Tibet“, most people have no answer. Do you visit Tibet to enjoy the scenery, culture or freedom? Maybe you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a while. Or maybe you just want to show off on social media that you’ve been to Tibet. You go to Tibet for whatever purpose, you go and won’t regret it. Here are some reasons to visit Tibet.


Tibet is regarded as a symbol of mystery and a holy land. A trip to Tibet is considered a pilgrimage. There are many stories about faith in Tibet. A place of faith must be worth going to. Facing the first light of the morning in Lhasa, you can follow the pilgrims around the Barkhor Street clockwise and sit quietly in front of Jokhang Temple, feeling the Tibetan people’s devotion and power brought by their faith. In front of Jokhang Temple, there are many worshipers, whose eyes are full of sincerity. Even if only with their eye contact, you are deeply shocked. If you really set foot on Tibet which is a holy land, you will feel the air full of piety.

Natural Wonders

Tibet is reputed as the nearest place to paradise, with many natural wonders. A trip to Tibet is sure to feast your eyes. In Tibet, you can climb Mount Everest, the world’s first peak. You can also explore Namjagbarwa, which has beautiful scenery. There are three holy lakes in Tibet: Manasorovar Lake, Namtso and Yamdrok Lake. Manasarovar Lake is a sacred lake recognized by many religions in the world. It is also one of the most famous lakes in Asia and even the whole world. Namtso is the third largest saltwater lake in China and the highest saltwater lake in the world. Yamdrok Lake is a low-concentration saltwater lake and an important habitat for birds such as swans, osprey, and crested magpies. The three sacred lakes have different scenery, but each one is wonderful. Besides, the grassland scenery in Tibet cannot be missed. If nothing else, the blue sky and white clouds in Tibet also drive you crazy.

Tibetan Culture

Tibet is located in the unique Qinghai-Tibet plateau with strong local culture. The Tibetan culture is extensive, profound, and has a long history. Some people say that Tibetan Buddhist culture is the epitome of Tibetan culture. Tibetan Buddhist culture permeates all aspects of social life, thus forming folk customs and aesthetic taste different from other nations. Besides, Tibetan is a nation with many festivals. With the development of society, some festivals have become pure religious festivals, and some traditional festivals also have religious colors. If you want to explore Tibetan culture, you can visit Tibetan temples, which are the embodiment of Tibetan Buddhist culture. When you walk on the streets of Tibet, you will find that Tibetan faces are always smiling. No matter how harsh the natural conditions are and how hard life is, they are also grateful for everything.

Others say that they travel to Tibet, not for its beauty and culture, but to find themselves. A trip to Tibet may really help you find a new direction.

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